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Joe Fant

Senior Pastor

Joe grew up in South Carolina and was raised in a pastor's home. He was saved as a young child and first had the desire for full time gospel ministry during his first summer working at a Christian camp in 2004. It was while working at this camp in 2006 that he met his future wife, Becky (Farrell) Fant.

Becky was raised on the road traveling with her family in full-time evangelism. She is the youngest daughter of Dr. Tom and Regina Farrell and felt the desire for ministry at an early age. Becky graduated with a B.A. in Church Music.


Joe has served as a staff pastor at Community since 2017 and has a Doctorate of Ministry degree from The Master’s Seminary.

Ben Jacquot

Associate Pastor

Ben was born into a pastor’s family. As a young child I heard the gospel frequently, but thought that “getting saved” was just something that a Christian did as part of the church culture. However, the Lord began to work in his heart to help him realize that he was a sinner who needed grace and forgiveness from God.

It was through the experience of growing up in a pastor’s home and seeing how the Lord uses pastoral ministry that the Lord began burdening his heart for pastoral ministry.

Ben and Holly were married in 2021. Holly grew up in Michigan and was saved as a young child. She teaches 3rd grade at Community Baptist Christian School.

Ben is currently pursuing an M.A. in Historical Theology from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

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Matt Tracy

Associate Pastor

Matt is originally from Denver, Colorado where he grew up in a Christian home and heard the gospel from a young age. Matt accepted Christ as his Savior in high school and during college, God worked in Matt's heart to give him a desire to serve him with his life. 

Matt graduated with a B.A. in Elementary Education. He has been on staff at The Wilds Christian Camp for 18 years, both in NC and at the Rockies campsite. Matt met his wife, Heather through The Wilds and they were married in 2005.


Matt's greatest passion is building relationships and discipling people. Matt holds an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Bob Jones University.

Matt is an avid coffee lover and enjoys experimenting with roasting his own coffee beans. He also loves to read and to spend time with his family camping and biking. 


Matt and Heather have 4 precious children: Noah, Caedon, Taylor-Grace, and Emmalynne.

Shawn Alexander

Associate Pastor

Shawn Alexander grew up on the mission field in Sorocaba, Brazil. The Lord used the ministry of his parents to draw Shawn to the Lord as a young teen and give him a desire for pastoral ministry.


Susanna was raised in a pastor’s home in Georgia and professed Christ as a child. She met Shawn in high school, and

they were married shortly after college graduation.


Shawn and Susanna have served the Lord at a Christian camp for the last 11 years. Shawn has served as a staff pastor since July of 2022.


Shawn and Susanna have three children: Piper, Paisley, and Strad.


Brent Sivnksty

Associate Pastor

Brent was born into the home of an evangelist and started traveling with his family when he was six weeks old.  Brent was saved at the age of eight and was baptized a short time later.


After college and graduate school, through the counsel of godly men, the Lord directed Brent's heart to serve in a local church so that he could mature, gain wisdom, learn the heart of a pastor, and be better prepared to serve the pastor and the local church in the future ministry of evangelism. Brent entered local church pastoring in 1995 and in 2003 the Lord led them to enter into the ministry of evangelism.


Brent currently serves as the Staff Evangelist. To schedule the Sivnkstys for a meeting, please click on the "Email Brent" or contact the church office.

Brent and Becky have 2 sons in college, Hunter and Connor.

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