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Community Baptist Church was organized in 1947 for the purpose of bringing glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and has been on the South Side of South Bend, IN ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and training people to labor in his kingdom. 

The Community Baptist Church of South Bend, Indiana began in the summer of 1947 with a small group of believers composed primarily of several individuals and families having left the United Brethren Church, which is the Southlawn United Methodist Church today. At an opening meeting on July 25, with 25 present, it was decided to fellowship around the Word of God. There were several meetings held during those early days to work through differences, to agree on a name, to organize a constitution, to decide on a location and to call a Pastor. This group was aided in their organization by two preachers, one Rev. K.F. Dodson, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mishawaka and Mr. R.W. Coles, a lay preacher.

The church was formally organized in the fall of 1947 and the first official service was held on September 7, with 55 in attendance at Sunday school and 46 present for church. At the first official business meeting , October 9, the church body approved the constitution and voted to call a part time pastor, Mr. M. L. Allman, a student at Goshen College. Thirty-nine charter members gladly joined together “in one accord in one place.”

In 1951, the church relocated to Kern Road and again relocated to Miami Road in 1968. The Church launched a new ministry, the Community Baptist Christian School, in 1976.  

Throughout the history of Community Baptist Church, God has blessed in giving the church godly leadership.  Community has had seven pastors:  

  • Rev. Marshall L. Allman,  October 1947-September 1952

  • Rev. Frank Collins, October 1952-June 1956

  • Rev. Ralph O. Burns, October 1956-November 1962

  • Dr. Vaughn E. Sprunger, March 1963-December 1993

  • Dr. Bud Steadman, January 1996-February 2009

  • Dr. David Pennington, April 2010 - August 2014 

  • Rev. Joseph Fant, November 2017 - Present

We have grown over the years and even changed locations a few times, but God is still at work here just as he has been throughout our history.  We are thrilled for the future of Community and eager to see what God has in store for us.

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